Figmin XR
Create, collect & play with Holograms

  • The meta-App for everyone
  • Discover the wonder of augmented realit
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    What can you do with Figmin XR?
    Anything augmented reality!
    Augment reality

    Enhance the real world with holograms! Simple and fun!
    Anyone can create augmented reality scenes with Figmin XR.

    Have fun!
    Figmin XR is not just for creatives.
    Video & memes

    Take your TikTok & YouTube videos to the next level! Just hit record.
    No code platform
    Visual storytelling

    Immerse your audience in a story like never before.
    E-commerce & marketing

    Create interactive digital storefronts & engaging AR marketing campaigns. Share them easily with web-links & QR codes.
    Save anything you or others have made to your collection, once you do, it's yours forever.
    Physics-based games

    Create digital twins of real life games but in augmented reality!
    Visualize & Prototype

    Import your own 3D models and images. View and present them in AR. Create & edit within the app.
    E-commerce & marketing

    Use AR in your classroom. Create lessons or make educational videos.
    App Features
    How? See below
    Search 3D models, videos & GIFs

    Enhance the real world with holograms! Simple and fun!
    Transform your creations to web-links & QR codes, share them in social media or privately.
    Physics editor

    Bring your creations to life or make physics-based games with our powerful physics editor. Enable physics with one button press, or fine tune the properties through the advanced menu.
    3D text editor

    Customize the font, color, material, size & depth of your text banners.
    Import & export
    Voxel editor

    Edit models or create them from scratch. Sculpt, paint & carve holographic objects..
    Hand Physics

    Interact with holograms naturally with your own hands! A truly magical experience. Only for Hololens 2.
    - Mobile viewer app
    - TiltBrush Editor
    - Multiplayer
    Coming soon
    Image editor

    Our voxel editor can also be used with 2D content, you can stamp, carve, or paint with the power of user generated brushes.
    User-generated brushes

    Create your own brushes. Just copy a 3D or 2D model into brush! It can dramatically speed up your creative process, be used for texturing, carving with shapes, and to copy/paste.

    What if you want to edit a 3D model? No problem! Our voxelizer allows you to convert any model into voxels and edit it with our built-in editors.
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