What can you do with Figmin XR?
Search through millions of animated gifs & 3D models and use them in creating you XR scenes.
You don't have to be an artist to create with Figmin XR.
Giphy & Sketchfab search & import
3D text editor
User-generated brushes
Import user creations just by gazing at QR codes within the App. Share your creations, including entire scenes, with web-links & QR codes.
QR-code import & export
Change font, color, material & depth of your text banners.
Create, experience & share any XR content
Coming soon
Create your own 3D brushes. Just copy a Gif or 3D model into brush and start creating! It can dramatically speed up your creative process, be used for texturing, carving with shapes, and to copy/paste.
YouTube video search & import
Mobile viewer app
How? See below
Physics editor
Bring your creations to life or make physics-based games with our powerful physics editor. Enable physics with one button press, or fine tune the properties through the advanced menu.
Spatial model editor
Edit 3D models and images or create them from scratch. Sculpt, paint & carve holographic objects. Easy & intuitive, anyone can do it!
What if you want to edit a 3D model? No problem! Our built-in voxelizer allows you to convert any model into voxels and edit it with our built-in editors.