Now Available on Magic Leap One
Holographic content creation platform
Key features
What can you do with Figmin?
Create, collect & play with Holograms.
How? See below
Spatial model editor

Sculpt, paint & carve holographic objects with our built-in voxel editor. Easy & intuitive, anyone can pick it up.

You can choose one of three rendering styles: cubes, rounded & smooth.

User generated brushes

Our custom brushes can speed up your creative process, be used for texturing, carving with shapes, or to copy/paste.

Model import

With our built-in Sketchfab 3D model search, you can browse through hundreds of thousands of free models and import them straight into your scene.
You don't have to be an artist to create with Figmin XR.

Physics editor

Make your models life-like with our built-in physics editor.
Enable physics with one button press, or fine tune the properties through the advanced menu. You can even create gravitational fields or change the center of gravity.
It's easy to use and delightful to master.

Figmin code import/export

Import user creations just by gazing at Figmin codes within the App.
Publish your creations into QR-Codes and share them in any way that you can imagine.

3D scan

You can 3D scan sections of your spatial map.

Capture real world objects or entire rooms and edit them through our built-in editors.


With our built-in voxelizer you can convert Sketchfab 3D models into fully editable voxels!

It's also useful to reduce the memory/polygon use of models that were not designed for mobile.

Innovative control mechanics

Figmin is a pleasure to use thanks to it's Contextual Hand User Interface "CHUI".

It's a powerful new spatial control mechanic that enables users to Create, Collect & Play within the same App.